Health Program

Each year, under the direction of Jason Gaetan & Dr. Rolando De Leon, M.D., FACOG, we prepare and equip to treat 4,000 to 5,000 patients. Our doctors offer a broad range of medical services & specialties. We hope to continue to enhance the scope and the complexity of the medical procedures we can perform, and increase the amount of vitamins and medicines that we take with us. The medical team is complemented by volunteer teams consisting of administrative support, planning, logistics personnel, triage units, and a pharmacy team. Every temporary clinic is set up with its respective doctor and assistant(s) and has the capacity to deliver patient privacy and effective, field based healthcare.

The Medical Mission is open to, and welcomes doctors, nurses, and volunteers of all religions, creeds, and walks of life. This is a mission that strives to annually provide the most important tools and medicines that many of the forgotten people in the world need… Hope and Love.

Sponsor a Medical Pack (Assorted Meds for 350 Treatments) with a Donation of $300 USD.

Sponsor a Parasite Treatment Pack (Treats 58 Children) with a Donation of $100 USD.

Support the Health Program with a one time donation.